Nearly all of the photographs on this site can be purchased.

they are sold under two categories:

the 'life-cast self-portrait photographs' (printed on fibre-based paper)

all photographs except the 'life-cast self-portraits' (printed on resin-coated paper)

to order either you will need to let me know the reference number of the print in question.

this can be found in square brackets at the beginning of the title bar at the top of the browser in which the image is displayed.



Resin-coated prints
(all photographs except the life-cast self-portrait photographs)

  • these are printed following detailed notes made during the production of the original reproduced here on this web-site.
  • reprints are quality controlled to be as faithful as possible to this original.

  • these prints are printed on resin-coated photographic paper.
  • the price of a print is determined by its area. As every print has different proportions and size I have chosen not to try to present a comprehensive price list.

    however any print will generally fall somewhere within the following range:
  • from £55 for a 5 x 7 inches print
    to £220 for a 10 x 16 print .

  • how to order

Fibre-based prints
(the life-cast self-portrait photographs)

  • these are also printed using notes made during the production of the original as reproduced on the web-site.
  • however the rather aleatoric method of their production means that I can't ensure that any two prints are similar, let alone identical.

  • because of this I am happy either to send you the print on 30 day's approval or for you to arrange a visit to my darkroom (in West Yorkshire) for you to make your choice from a range of prints.
  • the life-cast prints are printed on fibre-based paper, all measure 40 x 32 cm & sell at £400 each.

  • how to order

How to order

  • I will e-mail you back with a price, answer any of your queries & provide you with any further information you may require.

  • if you are happy for the purchase to go ahead any further arrangements will be made either by e-mail, phone, or through a visit to my darkroom in West Yorkshire.