links: - I'm still not sure why they call themselves 'the bananacake', but it's a gallery showing some of my road pictures and selfportraits (some previously unseen). It's a really nice-looking site with a very good and intelligent selection of photographers and photography. Highly recommended.

A recent discovery. Absolutely marvellous and mind-expanding. Avant-garde poetry, music etc with loads of mp3s to download. Found long-sought-for recordings of Trevor Wishart's Vox cycle here!

Matthew Askey's intriguing 'Utopia Park' paintings:-

some other photographers' work you may wish to see:-

my sister, Sophie Flynn shows her work on the following sites:-

Listen to Andy Howgate's latest compositions at his youtube site:-

develop any b&w film in any developer: the indispensable massive dev chart:-

an inventive and imaginative writer worth checking out, good character-driven SF:-

a group promoting television-free living :-

a page of useful links to anti-car sites:-

"Beefheart news, trivia and vuggum of all kinds":-

The mysterious and beautiful world of fungi in the mid-yorkshire region:-

Hit-&-miss cartoonist, but sometimes is brilliant:-

For Julian Birkhead and other proud pedants - keep up the good work!