Photographs taken in and about the town of Bédarieux by Julian Flynn

This gallery consists of photographs taken in and around Bédarieux, a small town in the Languedoc region of France. My ties with this town go back to my first childhood. My mother grew up there on a farm. As a child I spent all my summer holidays staying with my maternal grandmother in her second floor apartment. Once a year, for six weeks, I found myself in a world that was more intense, sometimes more frightening than the suburban world I had inhabited in England the previous 11 months.

Every sense was stimulated: the cooking smells merging with the faint smell of drains as I walked through the streets at lunch time, the wonderful food and drink itself; the shabby beauty of the town and the awe-inspiring wilderness that surrounds it, and the fascination of its alien fauna and flora; the stimulation of hearing; speaking and eventually thinking and even dreaming in a foreign language; the warm sun as I shared adventures with my sister and my cousins. Many of the significant events of my life took place here.