the black and white photographs, & self-portrait photography of the photographer and artist julian flynn

Batley 24 hour walk

batley 24 hour walk
photographic portraits done by an artist

including the life-cast self-portraits taken in Batley, West Yorkshire

places, buildings, landscapes






a showcase of the black and white self portrait photographs of julian flynn

casts made by matthew askey,

monochrome self-portraits by Jules Flynn,

some colour work by julian flynn

artist Flynn's photographic autoportrait,

the road

on-line portfolio of fine-art photos, artistic,experimental photography disturbing, experiment, creative, strange, unusual, extraordinary, self portrait portraits, experiment,double exposure, exposed, negative, print, movement, multiple long exposure, blur, blurred,out of focus,mirror,broken mirror, background, reflection, life cast

as seen at Leeds City Art Gallery, galleries , artistic black & white self portrait photography of julian flynn ,black & white self-portrait photographs of julian flynn in exhibition at Leeds City art gallery, including the famous cyclops

the life-cast photography - images and photos of the life casts

self portrait photographer Julian Flynn

his black and white photographs & self-portraits

index page of the self-portraits in monochrome and menu for the black and white self portrait photography and self-portrait photographs of photographer julian flynn as seen at Leeds City art gallery

monochrome life cast photographs

the life-cast photography - images and photos of the life casts

life cast self portraits by julian flynn

lifecast selfportrait by julian flynn

made by matthew askey, monochrome self-portraits by Jules Flynn,artist Flynn's photographic autoportrait ,on-line portfolio of fine-art photos,

about the photographer Julian Flynn,

one landscape many views, 24 hours in Bradford

as seen at Cartwright Hall, biography of the artist / photographer

an interview with the photographer,

on-line portfolio of fine-art photos,Self Portait photograph & the image,les autoportraits de

Julien Flynn de Bedarieux et ses alentours, Herault

interview with the photographer

places, buildings, landscapes,

portrait, figure studies, nudes,

other people

cyclops, lamprey, negative prints, positive, Flynn, Julian

Batley, West Yorkshire, based photographer

Jules Flynn exhibits his self portrait, and steps and stairs photos

taken in batley & birstall, west yorkshire, Bédarieux, hérault , France, & Gibraltar, from moving vehicles, news&updates

photographing the road, from a moving vehicle

including figure studies, still life, street photography, landscape, cityscape, portrait, artistic, art photography, documentary, architectural, from moving vehicles, experimental, double exposure, long exposure, night + low light photography child children travel Bedarieux, Herault, France, Bédarieux, Hérault, photographes de Julien Flynn

monochrome, non-self-portraits by Jules Flynn,artist photographic work,on-line portfolio of fine-art photos, photograph & the image, print, portrait,landscape,landscapes,steps & stairs, studio photo photojournalism abstract gelatin silver atget natural light nature formalist

batley, bus, cemetery, churchyard, graveyard, tomb, tombstones, funereal, funeral, crosses, cross, crucifix